01 April 2009

MURDER OF A CHOCOLATE-COVERED CHERRY: A Scumble River Mystery - Denise Swanson

Once again, a cozy that does what it's supposed to do. Lets me have a fast read, fits in my purse, doesn't tax the brain, and is highly enjoyable.
It's been a little while since I've visited the area of Scumble River and it's school psychologist, Skye Denison, finds herself in uncharted waters....or kitchens...Her mother has entered Skye in the Grandma Sal's Soup-to-Nuts Cooking Contest. This would be just fine, but Skye can't cook. She knows better than to disappoint her mother, queen of the guilt trips, so she goes along with the plan.
Along with trying to turn in a relatively unsinged casserole, Skye finds a dead body in the chocolate fountain and that there is a missing teenager from Skye's school. Skye to the mystery solving rescue.
This one was slightly different than other cozies I've read. This one had a cliffhanger. Making me want to get the next in the series, MURDER OF A ROYAL PAIN. I 'need' to see what happens next...dagnabbit!
Four cozy cliffhanger beans...


Sherri said...

Sounds like a good one! I put it on my PBS wish list!

Vickie said...

Sherri: This is a good series. I think you'll like the setting and the characters. I think Janet or Maryann got me hooked on it.

Literary Feline said...

I love that you mentioned that it fit in your purse. :-) That really is an important feature of any book. Of course, my number one criteria for a purse is that it can hold a book.

This sounds like a fun book. Thanks for the warning about the cliff hanger. When I read this, I'll make sure to have the next one handy.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Sounds like a very interesting series.. I better check it out..

Literary Feline, your criteria for a purse is exactly like mine but instead of the book size it's my ebook reader size.. even my party handbags have to be big enough to fit my ereader :) call me crazy but you never know when a party is gonna be boring and your stuck in your chair for a couple of hours starring at people doing nothin :) I'd prefer to whip out my reader and start reading ;)