20 April 2009


Dr Megan Chase is trying out a new gig as a radio psychiatrist. She took the job so that the other candidate, a veritable soul-sucker of a man, wouldn't get the chance to harm on a wider scale. Megan's catchphrase, "I'll help you slay your personal demons" catches the ear of the demon world. The demons feel the need to either control Megan or take her out of the picture.
Along comes Greyson Dante, handsome, dangerous, and a demon. He's sent to persuade her to work for his 'family' (read demon Sopranos). He even brings in some bodyguards, demon brothers Malleus, Maleficarum and Spud. These three Cockney brothers are my favorite characters, I just want to hug them.
Megan, with the help of her hottie demon, Dante, and the three brothers, has to battle her past she has fought to leave behind and her present that could mean the death of her.

Three very promising demon fighting beans....

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