12 April 2012

Time for a Change

Lady K watched the movie 'To Kill a Mockingbird' for the first time the other night. She fell in love with Scout's haircut and said she was ready for a change...

Mommie, I look like a sad baby unicorn!

In the "Cousin It" phase of the haircut...

TA-DAAAAAAA! A brand new (and much happier) Lady K

11 April 2012

My first try at gyros and all that that entails....

Tonight was my first try at gyros. We had leftover leg of lamb from Sunday night's dinner and I thought I'd give gyros a shot. That meant finding a recipe for tzatziki sauceAbove's the recipe I copied from Alton Brown on FoodNetwork Here's the food processed English cucumber with the liquid smooshed out and a few cloves of garlicHere it is all mixed in with nonfat Fage Greek yogurt and all the other schtuff called for on my handwritten note
DH chopping up the lamb that simmered in EVOO'd water

Bailey the Wonderdawg supervising closely

And the finished yummy result.....we are doing this again!

10 April 2012

MOONLIGHT DOWNS: An Emily Tempest Investigation - Adrian Hyland

Emily Tempest has been away from Australia for a long time, but now she’s returned to the Moonlight Downs “mob,” the community where she grew up, half in the Aboriginal world, half in the white. She is looking forward to a reunion with her childhood friend, Hazel, and to catching up with the rest of the group.
Within hours of her arrival, an old friend, Lincoln Flinders, the tribe’s elderly leader, is murdered and mutilated. The police suspect Blakie Japanangka, a renegade aborigine sorcerer, but Emily believes that the old man was slain for worldly reasons, and she starts asking questions.


I cannot remember where I saw this book reviewed (I have GOT to start writing this info down!), but it immediately intrigued me. It's set in Australia and not by someone writing from another location about a suspense set in Australia. Rather Adrian Hyland actually walks the walk. (I could have said 'walks the walkabout', but you'll see I thought better of it).

It took a couple of chapters to get the flow of the lingo, but got into it and my enjoyment increased even more.

There's more than the murder to solve here while reading. The author addresses racial tensions and prejudice, rich injustice against poor. And Emily is half Aboriginal half white and is making her way the best she can in both worlds.

Absolutely involving to the reader as much as the suspense involved with the murder of a beloved tribal leader.

Emily isn't sure what she wants to do with her life, but she doesn't seem too worried. She has an excellent work ethic, just isn't sure of a direction. I think she may have found it while doing her part in investigating the murder and the tangential issues she discovers.

I loved loved loved this book and can't wait to read the next in the series, GUNSHOT ROAD.

Five sparkly Australian Outback diamonds....

09 April 2012

Books in the House Monday - 9 April 2012

All the books this week were for the Nook:

AN IMPARTIAL WITNESS: Bess Crawford Mystery #2 - Charles Todd

CAST OF CHARACTERS - edited by Lou Aronica, fantasy anthology

THE RABBIT DIED - Sue Ann Jaffarian, amateur sleuth

TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN: A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery - Karen Cantwell, amateur sleuth

02 April 2012

Books Read in March 2012

28. HAPPY ACCIDENTS - Jane Lynch, autobiography, BOCD, highly excellent

29. DEATH AT BISHOP'S KEEP: A Victorian Mystery #1 - Robin Paige, cozy, MPB, really good

30. OLD HAUNTS: Haunted Guesthouse Mystery #3 - E J Copperman, paranormal cozy, MPB, excellent

31. A FITTING END: Magical Dressmaking Mysery #2 - Melissa Bourbon, paranormal cozy, MPB, excellent

32. BENEATH THE BLEEDING: Tony Hill and Carol Jordan Mystery #5 - Val McDermid, suspense, BOCD, excellent

33. MOONLIGHT DOWNS: An Emily Tempest Investigation - Addrian Hyland, suspense, TPB, excellent

34. FOR I HAVE SINNED: A Charley Davidson Story - Darynda Jones, UF, Nook, excellent

35. PROPHET - R J Larson, fantasy, ARC from Library Thing, good

36. THE LAW OF NINES - Terry Goodkind, fantasy, BOCD, excellent

5 books

1 Nook

3 audio

9 books for March

36 for 2012 so far

Books in the House Monday - 2 April 2012

From my fab Dad:

THE LOCK ARTIST - Steve Hamilton, suspense

TICKET TO RIDE - Ed Gorman, suspense

THE POACHER'S SON - Paul Doiron, suspense

STILL MIDNIGHT - Denise Mina, suspense

BEYOND REACH - Karin Slaughter, suspense

SIX SECONDS - Rick Mofina, suspense

BLOOD HOLLOW - William Kent Krueger, suspense

SHUTTER ISLAND - Denise Lehane, suspense

BURIED SECRETS - Joseph Finder, suspense

NEVER LOOK AWAY - Linwood Barclay, suspense

THE COLDEST MILE - Tom Piccirilli, suspense

THE DISTANT ECHO - Val McDermid, suspense

B&N (since I was there anyway)

THE LAST WORD: A Books by the Bay Mystery #3 - Ellery Adams, cozy

From my buddy, Tom, at work:

PRIMEVAL - David L. Goleman, thriller

THE ICE LIMIT - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, thriller

RELIC - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, thriller

RELIQUARY - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, thriller

MOUNT DRAGON - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, thriller