16 April 2009

CLUB DEAD - Charlaine Harris, narr Johanna Parker

I know I have likely said this before, I've read 1-8 of the series and now I am working my way through listening to 1-8 of the series. Listening to Johanna Parker telling the story is a lot better than what my mental narrator comes up with.
I've listened to the last few of this series with DH on our commute for work. The boy is hooked. His favorite character is Eric for obviously highly way different reasons than mine (thankful am I or Lady K would not have happened to this world)....Eric makes DH laugh when Eric expounds on his various views on this world. Eric just makes me shiver deliciously. Woof. And laugh...but mostly shiver....
CLUB DEAD is #3 in the series and has Sookie once again, at the behest of Eric, helping out the vampires by going down to Jackson, Mississippi to locate her boyfriend Bill. Bill has been working on a super-secret project for the Queen of Louisiana and has now gone missing, possibly kidnapped, while doing research for the project. The last anyone has heard or seen of Bill, he was enthralled by and with Lorena, evil bitch vampire who made Bill. This breaks Sookie's heart, but good person that she is, she goes in search of the cheating Bill.
The search leads her into danger, of course. Wouldn't have it any other way. She's just healed from her injuries from her trip to Dallas and here she is working on possibly getting her ass handed to her again. Thank goodness for Bubba, (vampired Elvis), Eric, Alcede, and a trusty stake, so the ass-handing isn't fatal.
Not my favorite of the series, but it has some excellent parts to it...and there's Eric.....
Four vampires in Mississippi beans.....

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