24 February 2007

Saturday and I Yam at Woik

So, my last mid this rotation and hoping to kick the crap out of this cold the pros from Shriever brought with. I bought and started taking Cinnamon Flavored Zicam this morning. It doesn't taste too great, but it's doing the trick. I found if I hold it under my tongue for a bit, it chews up mo' bettah and isn't as yuck tasting.

I finished Break No Bones Kathy Reichs BOCD this morning. It was a long wrap-up, but seemed necessary for closure. This one redeemed Dr Reichs in my sites again. The last book or two, she seemed to be heading down the same crap path Patricia Cornwell has in her series. Break No Bones is well written and had me going back and forth and showed Tempe as a human with mistakes. She's eased up on the scientific descriptions that caused me to skim until the action began again. Minutae (sp?) was a drag. Now it's integral and minimal.
Started tape 1 of 12 of Christine Feehan Dark Demon. Richard Ferrone is the narrator and is perfect for this. All dark and gravelly voiced. Perfect for my night drive in for mids. Yum.

Gotta say, I am listening to the soundtrack of Flushed Away and Tina Turner is rockin' on Proud Mary. I love my CCR, but Ms Turner is JAMMIN' and no one does this song better. do-do-do-do, oh yeah!!!

21 February 2007

An Author Read and Posted on my Blog!!

Gotta say, I am still quite stunned that Larry J Hillhouse commented on my blog site! Very thrilled and stunned. A good way to get me to look for more of his books more quickly than I'd planned. Mt Git'r'Read is hewgah anyway, but a few more can slide in there I reckon.

I have two purse books going now, Charlaine Harris Last Scene Alive-Aurora Teagarden Mystery and The Templar Legacy Steve Berry. Not as crazy about the Aurora Teagarden series as I am the Southern Vampire series or the Grave....series or the Shakespeare series, but Aurora is spunky and sad and funny and they are fast reads. I wouldn't collect them like I seem to be collecting the Southern Vampire series.

Bedside book is Size 12 is Not Fat Meg Cabot. Super book! Granted, my own humble opinion, but there it is. Nice fast story with interesting characters that I like or intensely dislike. Some books I find myself just gliding through and other, more memorable ones, stick with me. In Over Your Head was one of those. (see above guh post on Larry J Hillhouse).

Car audio book is Break No Bones Kathy Reichs. She is back in my good graces with this one. Not too crazy about the last one or two, but Tempe is back well in BNB.

Okie-doke. Back in the hole I go. At least I can read for a while.

10 February 2007

Monthly Postings.....

Alrighty then.....and I'm back...and front.....I'll have to post another day on my January books. The journal is at home on my nightstand and I am here at work...or at least occupying space for money. I went to the library to fill my need of audio books as I was in a drought from RecordedBooks. Timing is everything dontcha know. Snow storms and slow mail kept my returns from getting back to the company and they won't send anything out until some start returning. They sent out and more snow storms ensued, so no audio pleasure from them for over a month or more. Library hooked me up for a bit and then the deluge started showing up on my doorstep. I have 8 or 9 audiobooks to listen to now. I ended up using my coupon from them to buy The Stolen Child by Keith Donahue. That one is on standby in case anything like the nature caused mail delay happens again. I am listening to Biggie and the Quincy Ghost Nancy Bell now and have Break No Bones Kathy Reichs, Dark Demon Christine Feehan, Villa of Mysteries David Hewson, Hermit of Eyton Forest Ellis Peters, The Holy Thief Ellis Peters, The Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield, and Sunshine and Shadow Earlene Fowler all waiting in the back seat. Just finished Death of a Snob MC Beaton.

I didn't read very much last night as I had to be up and at work early this morning. Tomorrow is swing shift, but I know Lady K will wake early as it will be me home and up with her. DH can sleep in....dagnabbit. So I will be up early with Lady K and a fargin' huge pot of coffee. Chocolate Velvet is the flavor this week. Yummo.
Blogging of coffee...a book bud on WW Booktalk turned our message thread chickies onto a great coffee roasting place in her hometown. They have a website and dontcha know I just placed a hewgah order with them. Can't wait to try them and try to pick a favorite. Maybe I'll keep the box in my clothes closet and I can smell yummo all the time. is the site.