13 April 2009


From High Crimes (Thankin' you Cynthia!) best little online mystery bookshop...and she can get you just about any book you like:
THE WINE OF ANGELS: Merrily Watkins Series Book 1 - Phil Rickman
DOG DAYS - John Levitt
GHOULS JUST HAUNT TO HAVE FUN: Ghost Hunter Series #3 - Victoria Laurie

And from the author, a signed copy of BLOODY MARY: Book 2 Jack Daniels series - J A Konrath. This is his thank you for posting his link for AFRAID, his new book on my blog for a month. Very very groovy of him, say I.


Becky LeJeune said...

I've got Wine of Angels but have yet to read it. In fact, I now have a collection of like 5 Rickman books and haven't read any. Agh! let me know what you think of i if you get to it first.

Vickie said...

Becky: I will. It's next up as a bedside book, that thing is HUGE and won't make for a good purse book. = )
I ordered it after seeing (and ordering) FABRIC OF SIN #9 in the series.