10 April 2009


If I had done as a shelfari buddy had suggested and made reading this book into a drinking game....where everytime John Taylor said " the Nightside", I'd have been three sheets, knee walkin', tanked, get the idea....during the first half of this book. It started getting a wee bit irritating, but I mustered on and glad that I did. John Taylor finally gets done 'splainin' how everything is different "here in the Nightside" (drink your shot) and gets down to telling his tale.
John Taylor is a PI up in London, not doing so well, having a time of it trying to pay the bills. In walks Joanne Barrett, a rich woman in search of her runaway teen daughter. She's done all she can to locate her and now turns to John as she's heard tales of how he knows of a place called....yep...the Nightside (swig).
He takes the case, she insists on coming along, he leads the way. It's been five years since he's been home and things have changed and not changed. It's always 3am and dangerous as Hell and twice as much fun. All the colorful characters along the way were what kept me reading. My favorites are Razor Eddie, Punk God of the Straight Razor and Suzie Shooter, Bounty Hunter.
The search alternates between somewhat mellow , The Hawk's Wind Bar & Grill, the diner where time stands still and remains in the 60's. Then there's the truly awful of the Harrowing - faceless, remorseless, with needles for fingers. I had to read that section very quickly and in the daytime.
I will likely look for the next in the series, AGENTS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS, and others from his 49 books. The bean count will probably go up with these...until then,

Three Nightside beans.....


Imzadi Dragonfly said...

I'm glad you liked it better in the end. I did pick up the next two in the series. Partly because I want to see what happens with Cathy. I see potential of her being a fun little spitfire.

Vickie said...

Jenna: I think that's part of it, too. He has other series that really look intriguing, so those are on the list, but I am definitely giving this series a chance. I really wasn't sure in the beginning.