30 April 2009

April Book Journal

I can't seem to break my nine books in a month...Have I hit a reading plateau??
NINTH KEY:THE MEDIATOR SERIES-Book 2 - Meg Cabot, BOCD, supremely cool
SUCCUBUS BLUES - Richelle Mead, TPB, what a ride!
SOMETHING FROM THE NIGHTSIDE - Simon R Green, MPB, will read more, but will be a while
SHADOW SPINNER - Susan Fletcher, HB, superb YA tale
PERSONAL DEMONS - Stacia Kane, MPB, yo-yo effect of mostly fab
CLUB DEAD: Book 3 Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series - Charlaine Harris, fab
DOG DAYS - John Levitt, MPB, absolutely great
THE BODY IN THE CAST - Katherine Hall Page, MPB, Superb
LIE DOWN WITH THE DEVIL - Linda Barnes, BOCD, excellent
Books: 6
Total for year, so far: 37

1 comment:

Mary said...

Hey! Nine books a month ain't bad, LOL. That will bring you in over 100 for the year so good for you :)