14 April 2009

TBR Tuesday

Maybe if I do this once a week, it will encourage me to find more time to read and clear some of Mt Git'r'Read. This stack is half of what is on my nightstand.....
Just in case it's not exactly focused, from bottom to top:
WORLD WAR Z: An Oral History of the Zombie Wars - Max Brooks
DROP DEAD GORGEOUS - MaryJanice Davidson
UNDEAD KAMA SUTRA: Felix Gomez Vampire PI series, Book 3 - Mario Acevedo
MANY BLOODY RETURNS - anthology of how vampires spend their birthday
THE WINE OF ANGELS: Merrily Watkins, Book 1 - Phil Rickman
BLACK MAGIC WOMAN: Quincy Morris Supernatural Investigations - Justin Gustainis
NIGHT PASSAGE: Jesse Stone series, Book 1 - Robert B Parker
MISTRESS IN THE ART OF DEATH: Book 1 - Ariana Franklin
THE LOST TOMB - David Gibbins
CHINA LAKE - Meg Gardiner


Sherri said...

Your nightstand looks like mine! Good luck and I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish your goal!!

Mary said...

Let me know if this system helps. I may give it a try.

Come visit my blog. There's an award with your name on it :)

Mary said...

What's better than getting one award??? How about TWO awards? This one may even be better than the first!!! Come and get it : )

Red lady-Bonnie said...

This is a good idea Vickie! I can relate to the stacks of books TBR.

Vickie said...

Sherri: I hope so. I figured there are plenty of us who can relate. We bookaholics have to stick together.

Mary: I'll be over in a bit. TWO AWARDS? Thankin' you!

BonnieOH: I knew there were some of us out there who could relate to this. = )

raych said...

HA! There are things in your tbr. Good luck tackling those. I've had my eye on WWZ for a while now (so jealous).

Vickie said...

Raych: I read THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE a few months ago and had to have this one, too. I first had to get over my 'ick' factor of zombies....
I do lean more towards the undead side of the library....