06 January 2007

And it's time to go HOME!!

It feels wonderful to be able to post that phrase. It's been a loooong six day rotation and mids can be the most difficult. I did read quite a bit this shift as nothing much going on and made it to about the halfway point of O Artful Death Sarah Stewart Taylor. I may take this one upstairs for my bedside reading this morning. I have In Over Your Head - A Cody J Bryan Mystery Larry Hillhouse as a standby purse book. Not like I don't have many many mucho many more on standby on Mt Git'r'Read, but this particular one is actually in my purse.

We have made up for the weird warm weather we were having in December and have had three snowstorms in as many weeks. Approximately 3 feet of snow just in our suburb. Every area has received varying amounts. Good moisture and great for Lady K to go sledding. We will be doing that when I wake from today's little nap. Should be perfect for it.

Time to get out there and try not to slip slide home.

It's 0416....I Don't Care Where You're From....That's EARLY

Schnikees!!! Will this mid shift never end??!!! I have hit my wall and I can't enjoy even my purse book O Artful Death by Sarah Stewart Taylor. Hot tea, ice cold Diet Pepsi....nothing is working. Maybe a trip out in the snow and balmy 8 degree morning chill. Went to the gym earlier and read while on recumbent bike and it's still difficult to stay awake. I have the serious church nods goin'.....and I still have to friggin drive home. Have Broken Dishes Earlene Fowler to listen to on the way.
Time for walkabout to wakeupabout.