27 October 2006

Mid Shift and the Readin' is FINE!!

I finally get some time to read on shift. I bring books in with the thought that it will be quiet and I can read. Tonight is the first time in a looong while that it's been possible. So what do I do? I come in here and post that I have time to read instead of using the valuable time actually flippin' readin'!! I have the awesome Maisie Dobbs Jacqueline Winspear in the works now. It is very good and I will post a review, I hope, when I finish it. I am listening to the last CD, thank God, of Bead on Trouble Barbara Burnett Smith. Decent cozy, but I am ready to kick these women in the head for their stupidity. The timeline is aimless and a bit longer than one's average 24 hour day. I don't care about anyone, except getting it finished so I can add it to my book journal. I've already quit on one book this month Map of Bones James Rollins as it was just too much action in too little time. I just wanted everyone to take a nap. No one functions on that little sleep and miss that many bullets, bombs, strangling, anyway, I didn't want to give up on two book in one month just on principals. I did finish Winter's Child Margaret Maron Thursday afternoon upon waking from my prep for mid shift nap. I really enjoy this series and this book didn't disappoint. I also finished Hangman's Root Susan Wittig Albert the other day. Another very good series, even if I've only read three of them. I have more in the closet version of Mt Git'r'Read. Next up for the bedside book is Abby Cooper - Pyschic Eye Victoria Laurie. I've heard really good things about this series and I am looking forward to a quick read of this. More books in my journal is better.

15 October 2006

A loong looooong time ago.......

Lordy, where did the time go? Went on shift work, found more time to read, but no time to post here. Got a talkin' to from my bloggin buddies and now will try to be more bloggy myself. I'll log in from home with my book journal for all that I've read the last month or so. For now, I am listening to Anansi Boys by the absolutely wonderful Neil Gaiman. That one is in the car for my monumentally calm commutes for work (6 on 4 off, thank you very much) and I have bedside book as Winter's Child Margaret Maron, her latest in the Deborah Knott series. Purse book is a recommendation from my bud Suzi, Birdman by a very talented Mo Hayder. She needs to write more more more! An outstanding debut novel.

I will definitely make more time to log in here. It feels good to write in any way shape or form.
later gaters!