08 April 2009

SUCCUBUS BLUES - Richelle Mead

I have found a new favorite author. Richelle Mead can write no wrong...or something to that effect. I'd been enjoying Richelle's blog for a few months, but hadn't read any of her books. That changed last week when SUCCUBUS BLUES made it to the top of Mt Git'r'Read. And glad I am it did.
Georgina Kincaid lives in Seattle. She has a great job in a bookstore with all the free white mochas she can drink, good friends (two vampires and an imp). Then there's her other job....Georgie is a succubus. That is to say, she is an alluring, shapeshifting demon who seduces and pleasures mortal men for their souls and her continued immortality.
Georgina is particular, though. She is pretty discriminate when it comes to the men her boss, a mid-level demon with a thing for John Cusack movies (had to say I kinda dig him for this), sends her after. She doesn't just succubus all over the place, she makes that clear.
Then immortal life as she knows it changes when Seth Mortensen walks into her bookstore. Seth is only her most favorite author. She blurts out that she'd willingly be his love slave for advanced copies of his books. That gets their relationship off to a swimming start.
Then her friends are being attacked and her not so friends are being killed. Something wicked this way has come. All the snappy one liners and her hottie charms won't help Georgina out of this one anytime soon.

Five made my Imperative Purchase list beans....


Mary said... for arcs??? I think that would move my hubby to give me a no-limit amazon card : )

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

I think you'll also enjoy Storm Born. I am anxiously waiting for Thorn Queen to come out.

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin*

Jenna: I know I will dig STORM BORN and anything else Richelle writes.