31 August 2007

New Challenges Start Tomorrow!!!

Looking forward to the start of September. Lady K begins pre-K officially, we'll be able to pick two of the pumpkins from the rogue vines that decided our garden was a great place to be and two new challenges begin 1 September. Unread Authors Challenge and September is Cozy Month. I have picked Feint of Art Hailey Lind as the first cozy. She is also a new-to-me author and this is keeping with my choice of first in series from the last two challenges I was in. I will try to keep this up, but I have many cozies on Mt Git'r'Read, so will just go with the flow.

I made a list for Unread Authors Challenge and the plan is to wander B&N after I drop Lady K at school this morning. Maybe pick up one from the list. I'll visit Cynthia at High Crimes for the rest.

I should finish The Trouble With Magic Madelyn Alt this evening. I can start Feint of Art as new bedside book or bring with me as next purse book after A Secret Rage Charlaine Harris.

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows JK Rowling last night on the way home. I am glad for it to be done and moving on. I know that is likely sacrilege to most, but know that I will listen to it again. I own them in hardback and as audio.
I started listening to Murther and Walking Spirits Robertson Davies, but even with George Guidall (who I adore) narrating, I couldn't get past the pretentiousness rearing its ugly cranium. So rewound and put in The Sugar Camp Quilt Jennifer Chiaverini, a known and well loved by me series.

30 August 2007

Ahhhh Refreshing!!! Anonymous Rex ROCKED!

I just this very minute finished reading a pretty great rockin' read, Anonymous Rex Eric Garcia. I had it as a bedside book and I wasn't able to get to it often enough or as often as I wanted. I really wanted to stay in bed and read until I finished, but life and family and sleep and all that jazz kept me from it. It was a super private detective mystery and I want people to read it as such and not pigeonhole it as a dinosaur acting as human private investigator mystery. It is that, definitely, but it is not only that. It is funny, sad, intriguing, sexy....I like Vincent Rubio even if he wouldn't like me much since I am a human (honest, I am).
I can't wait to hunt down the second in this series, Casual Rex and number 3 Hot and Sweaty Rex.

29 August 2007

Dagnab, Not Enough Time to Read

Makes me nuts when I don't have enough time to read as much as I would like. I am still listening to HP7, though at least I am on CD16 of 17, so nearing the end. It's taken me practically all month. I am almost starting to resent an inanimate object. It wouldn't be so bad except it is just now getting interesting to me and I have six audiobooks waiting on a chair at the breakfast bar at the house. Ones I have been looking forward to listening to and have had much less fanfare than our boy Harry.
I am midway through purse book The Trouble With Magic - Madelyn Alt and about the same with bedside book Anonymous Rex - Eric Garcia. I had hoped to finish the last one before the end of the month for the Summer Mystery Challenge, but I don't think it's going to happen. I do have my six read and then a few more. But I have this weird self-challenge thing I can't seem to shake. I may stay in bed tomorrow and the next day and just read before going into work. Then bring the book with me and finish it when it gets quiet.

23 August 2007


YOWZAH!!! What a huge rush Keith Ablow is! At least Denial was that. I mowed through it as quickly as I could. If given the chance, I'd have sat and read the entire book in one sitting. Mug of coffee or just an IV drip would work so that I only had to get up to go to the bathroom and I could still take the book with. Perhaps that was a bit too much sharing.
I have to admit that it took a little while to get used to the book, but Frank Clevenger is so damaged to be intriguing. He is a forensic psychiatrist and has issues of his own that he is dealing with by snorting coke and participating in various other activities. He does care about his charges, perhaps too much. That was what made him intriguing to me. He should have been a narcissistic asswipe, but he is just damaged and trying to redeem himself somehow. Or maybe I misinterpreted. I am not sure I would like Frank all the time, but I would want him to be my therapist. He is empathetic.
This is another new to me author I will be reading more of and a series that I will really try to read in order. And I highly recommend reading this author and starting with this book.

21 August 2007

Another Challenge Book Completed

I finished In Deep VooDoo Stephanie Bond this morning. I knew I'd like it, but was really surprised at how much I liked it even more. Other books can be aggravating when the book continues on even after all the loose ends are tied up. This one did not aggravate and really startled me. I will look for more of this if it's a series and definitely will look for more Stephanie Bond. This is a Summer Mystery Challenge book for me as Stephanie Bond is a new to me author.
Next bedside book is probably going to be another challenge book, Anonymous Rex Eric Garcia. I hope I haven't built it up too much in my cranium. I have been looking forward to it.

20 August 2007

OMG! Thank You for the SCI-FI Channel!!!

Lord have mercy! I just read that the Sci-Fi Channel, in all its wisdom, did a made for TV movie of the book Anonymous Rex !!!! AND IT'S AVAILABLE ON DVD!!!! I have not read the book or any of the series, but it was on my wishlist for the longest time after reading a brief bit on the premise of the storyline. I posted last week that I'd found the book and picked it up to add to Mt Git'r'Read. Now I find that there is a DVD! (Cue William Shatner voiceover) Must... have.... that.... D....V...D!!!

19 August 2007

Finished another purse book

I completely forgot that I finished another book, Decaffeinated Corpse Cleo Coyle, the other day. This is fifth in the Coffeehouse Mystery series and it's my favorite of the bunch (maybe klatsch??)It's good to see characters not necessarily develop but get on with their lives as each book in a series progresses the action. Cleo Coyle is a husband and wife writing team who also write under the name of Alice Kimberley, writing another favorite cozy series, Haunted Bookshop series.
I immediately began next purse book Denial Keith Ablow. I haven't read very far, but there has already been a murder, sex, and drugs and I am still in in the first chapter. Main character Dr Frank Clevenger, is flawed flawed flawed......kind of makes me like him. This is my first Keith Ablow. And I really get the feeling that it will not be my last.

Summer Mystery Challenge - What I Have Read So Far

Deal Breaker - Harlen Coben (I am in LOVE)

The Halo Effect - M J Rose (eeehhh)

Gallows View - Peter Robinson (wow)

Deadly Advice - Roberta Isleib (super)

City of Bones - Michael Connelly

Carved in Bone - Jefferson Bass (Yowzah)

Blindsighted - Karin Slaughter (HUMDINGER)

One Grave Too Many - Beverly Connor (WHOOEE)

17 August 2007

And Another Challenge Shows Its Face!! Whoo-Hoo!!

Thanks, Suzi, for posting this challenge announcement and thank you, Sycorax Pine/Pour of Tor, for hosting it.
My choices:
Whoever Fights Monsters - Iryna Bennett
The DollMaker - Amanda Stevens
The Tunnels - Michele Gagnon
Better Than Chocolate - Bruce Golden
Bad Monkeys - Matt Ruff
Chinatown Death Cloud Peril - Paul Malmont
When the Devil Holds a Candle - Karin Fossum

15 August 2007

Found My Next Challenge Book!!!

Books picked up today at The BookKeeper:

Harlen Coben-Tell No One and The Innocent
Isabel Allende- Zorro (been on my wishlist for a while)
Eric Garcia - Anonymous Rex: A Detective Story (Totally been on my wishlist for the longest time!)

Review of 'Anonymous Rex':
Vincent Rubio, a Los Angeles private investigator, is down on his luck: He's out of work. His car's been repossessed. His partner has died under mysterious circumstances. And his tail just won't stay put. Vincent is a dinosaur - a Velociraptor, to be precise. It seems the dinosaurs faked their extinction 65 million years ago and still roam the earth, disguised in convincing latex costumes that help them blend perfectly into human society. A heightened sense of smell allows the dinos to detect one another - Vincent's got an odor like a tasty Cuban cigar.. "When Vincent is called to investigate a two-bit case of arson at a hip dino nightclub, he discovers something much more sinister, which lures him back to New York City - the scene of his partner's death and a dangerous nexus of dinosaur and human intermingling.. "Will Vincent solve the mystery of his partner's death? Will a gorgeous blond chanteuse discover his true identity, jeopardizing both their lives? Will Vincent be able to conquer his dangerous addiction to basil, or will he wind up in Herbaholics Anonymous? Will he find true love, or resort to crumpled issues of Stegolicious?.

12 August 2007

Hate Giving Up on A Book

I did it, I finally gave up on The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner. I was at the midway point and could not get the ha-cha-cha up to read any more of it. And what is reading without the ha-cha-cha. This didn't even give me the ha. I will still give Julie a chance in a book I picked up the other day while working for books, Cat's Fancy. It's paranormal, so will likely be pretty good. She proved to me that she can write that with Carpe Demon:Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom. I loved that one and I will absolutely read the rest of the series.

As replacement for bedside reading, I picked In Deep VooDoo Stephanie Bond. It's good so far.

11 August 2007

Rachel Caine Added to Favorite Author List

WOW! Am I glad I listened to Alita and picked up a Rachel Caine book! Alita had suggested The Weather Warden series, but I found Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires-Vol 1 first. Definite edges of gray in the whole good is white and evil is black. There are those in this book, but I like the 'ishee' ones who are a little of both. Claire is introduced first and she gets the crap beat out of her, but she keeps on. She is 16 and on her own at college her parents picked so that she would keep safely close to home. The college is in Morganville, home to some shady characters, so not so safe. She meets Shane, Michael and Eve when she answers an ad for a roommate needed. The action just keeps building from there. Good character development and leaves just enough out to make the anticipation for the next in the series a tingle in anticipation. I love anticipation.
I finished Glass Houses quickly and am looking forward to a trip to the bookstore for more Rachel Caine.

10 August 2007

Bubbles A Broad...Yes Indeedy!

I see Bubbles Yablonskey in pink, so will pay tribute in text color. Bubbles A Broad is my favorite in this Sarah Strohmeyer series. Bubbles is naive, not dumb. She is smart in her own way. I loved how she followed through on all of her leads, even the ones that led her astray. Stiletto is a lucky man. Bubbles is a lucky woman, too, in that Stiletto is quite the sweetie stud and loves her for who she is. Would that I could be as nifty as Bubbles.

I finished the Bubbles BOT today on the way in to work. I immediately began Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows JK Rowling. I have all of the series in hardback, well except this last volume and I have almost all of the series in audio as BOCD. I am working on completing the collection. I love Jim Dale. I have not actually 'read' the series, rather I've listened to Jim Dale tell me the story.
I am halfway through a fab book Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires-Book One Rachel Caine. Rachel was recommended to me by Alita when she suggested I would likely enjoy The Weather Warden series by Rachel. I found Glass Houses first. I loves my vampire stories, especially the well written ones. This is definitely one of those! This is now my purse book, but I don't think it will remain so for long. I believe I could easily finish it tonight if I pry myself away from the computer for long enough.
Bedside book remains The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner. I am a little over halfway through this one. I have the book following this on Mt Git'r'Read, but if this one doesn't improve, I think both will go to High Crimes or BookKeeper in trade. I won't read ehhh books. I love Julie Kenner, but this one isn't a lot of interest. But because I like her and I am over halfway through, I will finish it. And hope it gets better. I truly cannot wait to get back to her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series.

08 August 2007

Tuesday was a FAB Day-Karin Slaughter is Groovy!

It started with a good night's sleep, which I wasn't counting on. The night before, I'd had a repeat bout of fist sized knot action in my upper abdomen like I'd had up in Steamboat a couple of weeks ago. Woke at 3am and could not get comfy. Anyway, Monday was fun enough for Chickie Day with Lady K and I seeing 'Underdog' and hitting a plant sale at our favorite nursery. I fixed dinner early that night and ate less than normal. I think it all helped, if only for a re-start on my weight loss journey.
Anyway, Tuesday....woke early to the little tap-tap-tapping of Lady K's little fingers on my shoulder. She crawled up in bed with me and we both dozed off again. We had a nice morning between waking and drop-off at school. I cleaned floors and dusted (bleck) and got myself tidied up for a trip to Boulder and my favorite mystery bookstore, High Crimes. Karin Slaughter was there to talk and sign her newest book Beyond Reach. She is someone I could be friends with. I don't get along well with women as a rule, too many hidden agendas that I can't decode and cattiness as a rule. I am very particular with my women friends. Karin seems easy to be with, intelligent and is very well-spoken. And funny. I dig that part the most.
It was great listening to her describe her writing process, who some of her favorite authors are (who are some of mine, too): Mo Hayder, Denise Mina, Sara Paretsky, Michael Connelly. She laughed when recounting her surprise at seeing how well and appropriate her name was for her books when she actually saw it on the cover the first time. She hadn't realized until then. And that it was a good thing that she hadn't chosen medicine as her profession.
She was super gracious signing books and immediately said yes to a photo op. She asked if I'd like it of her alone or with me. I was thrilled to say the least. She congratulated me on joining Weight Watchers and thought it was pretty neat that her first book was such a hit to several of us on the Booklovers thread.
I did wander around to find more books for Mt Git'r'Read as well as get my signed books that Cynthia has been so great about holding for me.

On the way home, I realized I still had plenty of time before picking up Lady K at school, so stopped by The Book Keeper, my favorite little used bookstore. They have signs in the window asking for volunteers to shelve books for them. You get $12 in books for each hour you work. I earned my books and found that Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon are considered romance writers as opposed to horror or mystery. And they are very popular. There are whole shelves just for them in the romance section. Well, huh!

I picked up Lady K at school and she wanted to go to the 'lake park'. She played for a bit and then wanted to go for a walk. She actually ran and I walked as fast as my Born sandals would let me. AND, we went alllll the way around the lake, some 3/4 of a mile. She wants to go again tonight, if I pick her up early enough. I will have to remember to bring my walking shoes from work. I am wearing the same sandals today....

06 August 2007


I gotta say it loud! I AM IN LOVE WITH MYRON BOLITAR!!! I just finished my first Harlen Coben book and it was the first in the Myron Bolitar series Deal Breaker. Myron is my kinda guy: a smartass in the best possible way, smart, funny, quite the smooth talkin' devil (a tad tongue in cheek) and he takes care of his people whether he loves them or not. I admire Esperanza and I adore Win. I cannot wait to read more of this series!!!
I am on tape 4 of 7 Bubbles A Broad Sarah Strohmeyer in the car and I am moving right along with The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner. For my next purse book, I started Rachel Caine Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampire Series Vol 1.

04 August 2007

Saturday and Hope to Get More Reading than the last few days....

Been having a heckuva time getting in my reading time these last few days. My car book is Bubbles A Broad Sarah Strohmeyer and it is a joy. It is my favorite of the few of this series I have read so far. Bubbles is one awesome chickie.
My bedside book, The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner, is another winner. I have read several chapters in this one before I pass out for the night. No, not drunk, just tired. And a little AlkaSeltzer Cold meds to help me not hack and hurk with this damn cold that won't let go. I needs my rest!!!
Purse book, Deal Breaker Harlen Coben, is the one that's been the most neglected. It's been busy and I just can't get to it. And I WANT TO!!! It's got the nice smartass, Myron Bolitar and death and mayhem on the horizon......

01 August 2007

Choosing something to listen to....

I choose audiobooks on RecordedBooks for my wishlist, sometimes because the author, intriguing title, or because I like the narrator. I don't have control over what they send when, so this last group was a whole lotta Bubbles Yablonskey. And I love Bubbles, don't get me wrong, but I like a little space between my series or characters or authors. And the last group didn't have good choices due to narrators for the most part and I discovered I'd already read one of them, Bubbles Unbound. So, four BOT are going back today or tomorrow.

The narrator can make or break an audiobook. It may be shallow of me, but there it is. I wanted to like Nail Biter, but the narrator irritated me. Same with 1776, it is narrated by the author David McCullough and I wasn't happy with it. Life is too freakin' short for anything to be bad about a book. I love McCullough as an author, so will definitely get 1776 in handheld format.

Went to B&N and picked up Rachel Caine Glass Houses: The MorganVille Vampires #1 as well as CD version of HP 7. That is one series and one narrator I will listen to over and over and in a row. I break for Harry Potter.

July Books Imbibed

Carved In Bone - Jefferson Bass, pbk, WHHOOOOOEEEEEEEE Guh-hood!!! I cannot wait to read more of this team

City of Bones - Michael Connelly, BOT, my first and definitely not my last Connelly!

Deadly Advice - Roberta Isleib, pbk, recommended on Summer Mystery Challenge and so glad I took Liz up on it, super!!

The Jasmine Moon Murder - Laura Childs, pbk, just love this series

Betrayal at Cross Creek - Kathleen Ernst, BOT, good sad story

Murder of a Barbie and Ken - Denise Swanson, pbk, very good series, strong characters

The Hundredth Man - Jack Kerley, pbk, HOLEY SCHMOKES GOOD!!! Thanks again Suzie for the recommend!

Dead and Loving It - MaryJanice Davidson, TPB, typical snort laugh funny MJD!

Bubbles Betrothed - Sarah Strohmeyer, BOT, funny cozy. I love Bubbles, she ROCKS!

I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason - Susan Kandel, pbk, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the characters in this series

Gallows View - Peter Robinson, HB, a very good intro to this Inspector Banks series. Can't wait to read more.

The Halo Effect - M J Rose, pbk, sex scenes disguised as a medical mystery thriller. I liked most of it, so will read more in the series, but I wasn't pleased to know whodunnit so early in the book.

The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts - Lilian Jackson Braun, BOT, early in the series so still super interesting and fun

9 books, 3 audiobooks = 68 total so far this year