12 April 2009

SHADOW SPINNER - Susan Fletcher

I stayed up last night to finish this book (and to play Easter Bunny for Lady K). I read this one rather quickly even for a bedside book which always go fast due to more reading time available. Marjan is a crippled orphan who comes to the notice of Shahrazad, the teller of stories to the Sultan to maintain living another day and to save the lives of other women in the Sultan's realm. Shahrazad is running low on stories and lives in fear, until the day Marjan comes to the harem with her aunt to sell jewelry. Marjan has always told stories to the children of her neighborhood and, seeing the children of the harem, begins to tell them a story that catches Shahrazad's ear. Marjan is invited to become a part of the harem to refresh Shahrazad's storehouse of tales.
So begins the intrigue of the little orphan crippled girl, Marjan. This is a YA book, but I think anyone who likes a good historical fiction tale would enjoy SHADOW SPINNER.

Four intricate harem beans....

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