07 May 2009

MEXICAN HAT - Michael McGarrity, narr George Guidall

Wowee wow WoW!! I thought the first book in the series, TULAROSA, was an outstanding listen. MEXICAN HAT beats it all to heck! Now I can't wait to get the third in the series, SERPENT GATE, up on my wishlist on RecordedBooks. Michael McGarrity writes a tight story, the characters are well drawn and bring the reader/listener right on into the mystery. And it's not just one mystery here, there are several. There's the mystery of why the two brothers haven't spoken to each other in over 60 years, how did Don Luis die those 60 years ago, who is poaching wild game in New Mexico's Gila Wilderness, who killed Mexican tourist in the Wilderness, and just who is gunning for Kevin Kearney, the retired Santa Fe Police detective now seasonal forest ranger looking for a quiet summer in the mountains?
Kearney can't let it go even after he is summarily fired from his position due to his continued investigation into the murder and poaching.
The deeper Kearney digs, the more attacks he endures, which only makes him probe deeper.

This one is a humdinger!!!

Five Southwest humdingah beans.....

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