08 May 2009

ALADDIN AND THE ENCHANTED LAMP - Philip Pullman, narr James Goode

Thank goodness for RecordedBooks and my wishlist. The audiobooks keep me company on my 50 mile RT commute for work and this one did the ticket in 50 miles.

Aladdin is a story often told, but this one has a new shine about it as told by Philip Pullman, author of HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy (THE GOLDEN COMPASS, THE SUBTLE KNIFE, & THE AMBER SPYGLASS).

Aladdin is a spoiled shiftless boy, really good for not much, until he finds the Magic Cave via a trickster, claiming to be his uncle. Aladdin becomes trapped in the cave after finding the lamp he was sent for by the trickster 'Uncle', giving Aladdin time to think about his life, find the lamp and a magic ring. We know the lamp has a jinee, but so does the ring. With all of this at his beck and call, Aladdin gets out of the cave, goes on adventures, marries the princess, and basically lives HEA...the getting there part is the coolest of the cool adventures.

Yes, it's labeled to be for 7-10 year olds....whatever! I'm super in touch with my inner 7-10 year old! I had a great time being pulled in by the story as told by Pullman and the narration of James Goode, who can give Jim Dale a run for his money, I'm thinkin'....

Four Enchanted beans.....

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