19 May 2009

TBR Tuesday - Some more books from Mt Git'r'Read

Another little stack to remind me how many (not TOO many) books are on Mt Git'r'Read:

JACK ABSOLUTE - C C Humphreys, a swashbuckler TPB
THE GROTESQUE - Patrick McGrath, modern Gothic TPB
THE MALTESE FALCON - Dashiel Hammett, detective TPB
THE TORMENT OF OTHERS - Val McDermid, thriller TPB
BOOKED FOR MURDER - Val McDermid, mystery TPB
THE DEATH LIST - Paul Johnston,thriller TPB
EVERYONE DIES: A Kevin Kearney Mystery - Michael McGarrity, mystery MPB
LOOK CLOSELY - Laura Caldwell, mystery MPB
BLOOD MEMORY - Greg Iles, suspense MPB (hewgah!)
FAITHLESS: Grant County Mystery - Karin Slaughter, thriller MPB


Becky LeJeune said...

Death List is great. I haven't read the second one, but it just came out from Mira.

Marie said...

Somebody likes mysteries and thrillers. Looks like a great list!

Vickie said...

Becky: Thanks for the thumb's up! This is part of the reason why I like to put these on the blog. = )

Marie: Yep...guilty! = >