28 May 2009

BODY BAGS:Body of Evidence series #1 - Christopher Golden, narr Julie Dretzin

I originally placed this on my wishlist at RecordedBooks because of seeing the author, Christopher Golden, all over the blogs in reviews and book lists. He writes with Amber Benson and Thomas E Sniegoski to name a couple. He has 120 books and 5 or 6 series, mostly of the paranormal varietal. I sort of thought that this would be one of isn't...but it is a genre I dig to the enth degree, forensic thriller.
This one stars Jenna Blake, 18 year old college freshman at Somerset University near Boston. She doesn't know exactly what she wants to be or what she wants to study. She'd love to be a doctor like her mother, but Jenna can't stand the sight of blood and she's terrified of what she'd do to her patients. Her father, a criminology professor at the university, suggests having a shot at a part time job working with the medical examiner's office. Not long after the autopsy room interview, the mystery begins. Two people have dropped violently dead and one right in front of Jenna in one of her classes.
She starts putting pieces of the puzzle together, but no one believes her until it is almost too late.
Not to be sexist, but Christopher Golden, a 40-ish guy, has a good handle on how an 18 year old girl would sound and must feel during this new adventure of moving away from home for the first time, to a new environment, making new friends, meeting guys, figuring out what she wants from life.
Add in some intrigue and murder plots and late night study sessions and you've got yourself an entertaining what's gonna happen next listen.

Four teen sleuth beans.....


Little Willow said...

I love the Body of Evidence books! I hope you'll check out the whole series - there are ten books about Jenna Blake.

Vickie said...

Little Willow: I plan to. I was pleasantly surprised how good this one was.

Thoughts of Joy said...

I have heard great things about this series and have had it on my TBR List for quite some time. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it - despite that fact that it didn't have a paranormal theme. :)

Vickie said...

Joy: *grin*

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Looks like my kinda series :) I'll have to check it out !!