24 May 2009

Lady K-ism of the Day

Lady K - "Mommie, I don't want to get agducted to anything bad for me."

Me - "Ummm, what's agducted mean?"

Lady K - "You know, like when people are agducted to cigarettes or beer and can't think about anything but having another cigarette or beer, agducted!"


Brit Gal Sarah said...

LMAO at first I thought it was going to be abducted!

Gingabelle-Ginny said...

Hey Vickie: What a cutie! I thought she was saying abducted too.

Sherri said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!

Vickie said...

Sarah: That's what we thought, too. = )

Ginny: She's a keeper.

Sherri: I know, yeah?

Mary said...

LOL, I hope you're keeping a record of all her Lady K-isms!

Vickie said...

Mary: This is my record keeper for her. = )