01 May 2009

Support Your Indie Bookseller Day

My absolute favorite indie bookshop, High Crimes Mystery Bookshop in Boulder CO, is no longer an actual building where you can wander the floor, get ideas from Cynthia and look at the shelves of books, touch them, page through, and then buy. Nope, Cynthia had to close the doors due to the crazy cost of keeping an independent shop open, especially in Boulder CO on Pearl Street. However, High Crimes Mystery Bookshop is available online! Click that link for access to a whole bunch of mystery. Cynthia can find just about any book, all genres, for you even if it's not in the listing. She has a Book of the Month deal that I have been using the last few years for Christmas presents for my dad and my sister. They get a book a month tailored to their taste. How neat is that for a mystery diggin' friend or relative to have that to look forward to!
All that said, today I am placing my own order with Cynthia, in support of Indie Bookseller Day...and to add to Mt Git'r'Read.....Now you go out and find your local indie bookseller and do some shopping and supporting!!


Mary said...

I did! I did! Just got back with Lean Mean Thirteen :)
I'm up to #9 so it will have to wait to be read. My indie shop is called Next Chapter.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link . . . but how sad. I love to browse independent book stores, much more than the big places like Borders and Barnes and Noble. But I am glad she is able to continue to do business online, anyway. What a great resource for us "cozy" fans!

Vickie said...

Mary: Good for you!!

Kay: I turned my cozy lovin' buddy at work onto Cynthia's book a month deal. Ann subscribed and now she gets a cozy a month...which leads to more orders for more. = )

Love Histories said...

i've finished read that book.. my friend books.. :-)

Becky LeJeune said...

I love High Crimes! I didn't shop indie yesterday, I didn't buy any books yesterday at all, but I do have a book on order through Cynthia. Maybe that counts.

Anonymous said...

ohh...i hate when indies have to close for financial reasons. my favorite independent bookstore is in manchester, vermont--northshire book store. whenever we go up to vt., we stop in for a visit.

cool to see you can still shop at the bookstore online. and the name of the store is great!