21 May 2009


I read FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS (what amounts for me in the slight amount of time I get to read) in practically one sitting. It was my bedside book and I stayed up late to read 'just one more chapter..' and I woke early and really savored the quiet of everyone else sleeping in over the weekend so that I could finish the fab A KISS BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE and really dive into this Southern Gothic ghost story.
Eden Moore's always known she could talk to ghosts and they can talk to her. She doesn't know why, it just is. She's been raised by her aunt since Eden's birth. Her parentage has always been a mystery, her aunt is reluctant to share what she knows to save Eden heartache. But Eden's past is coming up to haunt her and it's more than just the ghosts of the three sisters who look over her.
Who is Malachi and why is he trying to kill Eden? Why is she having the dreams of the severed hand inside a book? Who is A in the letters she finds in the ruins of the hospital where her mother died?
Eden is a wonderfully written character as are Eden's ghosts and family. I am very happy that this is the beginning of a series and there are more Gothic discoveries to come.
Five haunted beans.....


Becky LeJeune said...

Yay! I can't wait to read it now.

Vickie said...

Becky: You will dig it!

Becky LeJeune said...

Vickie, I still need your mailing address for Afraid.