21 May 2009

DEAD AND GONE - Charlaine Harris, narr Johanna Parker

I love this series, it's my favorite of just about all of the various series I read and/or listen to. This one exhausted me. There's always a lot of fightin', vamp/human-blood/love swappin', shapeshiftin', witch magickin' in the series and I can keep up. Now we have Sookie's great great grandfather, a Prince in the Fae world, soon to be at war with a rival Fae prince and Sookie is likely to get in the middle of it and this group of Fae aren't anything like Tinkerbell.
The shapeshifters of the world have come out of the proverbial paranormal closet and the world is in uproar over shifter rights and thoughts of deception. Sookie's sister-in-law, the werepanther and devious Crystal, is found dead in Merlotte's parking lot. Is it a hate crime or retribution?
Sookie's been tricked into becoming 'bound' to Eric and she feels conflicted between being pissed at being tricked and being sort of relieved.
Then there's Bill. There will always be Bill, Sookie's first love.
I love this series, especially listening to Johanna Parker's vocal interpretations of the characters. And I have the mental images of the HBO series'True Blood' to help move the story along with images of Eric and Sam and Bill.....
Four fab, but exhausting beans.....


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I listened to this yesterday and I thought it was a lot more action packed than any of the others. Like you I love the audio's and I also love have the visual from the series. Can't wait to see where she's going to take this series.

Vickie said...

Alaine: I know! Charlaine's got all kinds of plots going on, I feel for Sookie, but it's good for the fans. = )