12 May 2008

TULAROSA - Michael McGarrity

TULAROSA was a surprise to me. I didn't expect to find such an involved and intriguing story on just six audiotapes and I sure didn't expect to like it as much as I did. I had it on my wishlist because George Guidall is the narrator and found a new author who I will continue to listen to and read.
I also found that it's a first in a series. For some reason, I went into it thinking it was a stand alone. Very happy that I get to hear more of retired Santa Fe chief of police Kevin Kerney's investigations.
In this book, Kerney is hired to find his missing godson, Sammy. It leads to involvement in military ops, illegal trade in buried treasure, and people not as above board as they appear.
This is a very very good book and I know the rest of the series is going to be the same. So very glad I found this!

Definitely gets a four coffee beans.


Joy said...

Glad you found a new author you like. :) I don't get how Kerney is "hired to find his grandson". Wouldn't he want to find his grandson on his own?

Joy said...

Okay, I just reread this and it is his "godson". I guess I can understand that a little more. :)