20 May 2009

WISHLIST WEDNESDAY...20 or so from the Wanton Wantin' Book List

FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH – Carrie Ryan, YA horror (when it comes out in MPB)
SONG OF THE SPARROW – Lisa Ann Sandell, Arthurian legend
CHASING THE DEAD – Joe Schreiber, suspense
ALL ENCOMPASSING TRIP – Nicole Del Sesto, fantasy
ICE TRAP – Kitty Sewell, suspense
FIRST DROP – Zoe Sharp, suspense
THE SHAPE-CHANGER’S WIFE – Sharon Shinn, fantasy
ARCHANGEL (Samaria Series #1) Sharon Shinn, fantasy
THE SAFEKEEPER’S SECRET (1st in series) Sharon Shinn, fantasy
INFECTED – Scott Sigler, thriller
DROOD – Dan Simmons, mystery (getting from BonnieOH)
DARKBORN – Alison Sinclair, fantasy (Becky recommends)
ANGEL’S BLOOD – Nalini Singh, paranormal (May into June order from be sent)
THE TIMER GAME – Susan Arnout Smith, medical thriller (wait for MPB)
CHILD 44 – Tom Rob Smith, suspense (Becky recommends)
FALLEN 1st in Fallen series – Thomas E Sniegoski, paranormal
POISON STUDY – Maria V Snyder, fantasy
STORM GLASS – Maria V Snyder, fantasy
THE HARROWING – Alexandra Sokoloff, horror (Becky recommends)(on May to June book order to Cynthia)

VAMPED – David Sosnowski, paranormal
THE FOLLOWER – Jason Starr, thriller


TexasRed said...

Awww... great list! I'm trying to hold myself back from more booklust until I whittle away the pile of TBR under my bed right now!

Vickie said...

TexasRed: Thanks! This is only a few of the hundred or so I have on the list. I do have a lot already on Mt Git'r'Read, but can't seem to help myself for wantin' more....