01 August 2007

July Books Imbibed

Carved In Bone - Jefferson Bass, pbk, WHHOOOOOEEEEEEEE Guh-hood!!! I cannot wait to read more of this team

City of Bones - Michael Connelly, BOT, my first and definitely not my last Connelly!

Deadly Advice - Roberta Isleib, pbk, recommended on Summer Mystery Challenge and so glad I took Liz up on it, super!!

The Jasmine Moon Murder - Laura Childs, pbk, just love this series

Betrayal at Cross Creek - Kathleen Ernst, BOT, good sad story

Murder of a Barbie and Ken - Denise Swanson, pbk, very good series, strong characters

The Hundredth Man - Jack Kerley, pbk, HOLEY SCHMOKES GOOD!!! Thanks again Suzie for the recommend!

Dead and Loving It - MaryJanice Davidson, TPB, typical snort laugh funny MJD!

Bubbles Betrothed - Sarah Strohmeyer, BOT, funny cozy. I love Bubbles, she ROCKS!

I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason - Susan Kandel, pbk, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the characters in this series

Gallows View - Peter Robinson, HB, a very good intro to this Inspector Banks series. Can't wait to read more.

The Halo Effect - M J Rose, pbk, sex scenes disguised as a medical mystery thriller. I liked most of it, so will read more in the series, but I wasn't pleased to know whodunnit so early in the book.

The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts - Lilian Jackson Braun, BOT, early in the series so still super interesting and fun

9 books, 3 audiobooks = 68 total so far this year

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