10 August 2007

Bubbles A Broad...Yes Indeedy!

I see Bubbles Yablonskey in pink, so will pay tribute in text color. Bubbles A Broad is my favorite in this Sarah Strohmeyer series. Bubbles is naive, not dumb. She is smart in her own way. I loved how she followed through on all of her leads, even the ones that led her astray. Stiletto is a lucky man. Bubbles is a lucky woman, too, in that Stiletto is quite the sweetie stud and loves her for who she is. Would that I could be as nifty as Bubbles.

I finished the Bubbles BOT today on the way in to work. I immediately began Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows JK Rowling. I have all of the series in hardback, well except this last volume and I have almost all of the series in audio as BOCD. I am working on completing the collection. I love Jim Dale. I have not actually 'read' the series, rather I've listened to Jim Dale tell me the story.
I am halfway through a fab book Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires-Book One Rachel Caine. Rachel was recommended to me by Alita when she suggested I would likely enjoy The Weather Warden series by Rachel. I found Glass Houses first. I loves my vampire stories, especially the well written ones. This is definitely one of those! This is now my purse book, but I don't think it will remain so for long. I believe I could easily finish it tonight if I pry myself away from the computer for long enough.
Bedside book remains The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner. I am a little over halfway through this one. I have the book following this on Mt Git'r'Read, but if this one doesn't improve, I think both will go to High Crimes or BookKeeper in trade. I won't read ehhh books. I love Julie Kenner, but this one isn't a lot of interest. But because I like her and I am over halfway through, I will finish it. And hope it gets better. I truly cannot wait to get back to her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series.

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