15 August 2007

Found My Next Challenge Book!!!

Books picked up today at The BookKeeper:

Harlen Coben-Tell No One and The Innocent
Isabel Allende- Zorro (been on my wishlist for a while)
Eric Garcia - Anonymous Rex: A Detective Story (Totally been on my wishlist for the longest time!)

Review of 'Anonymous Rex':
Vincent Rubio, a Los Angeles private investigator, is down on his luck: He's out of work. His car's been repossessed. His partner has died under mysterious circumstances. And his tail just won't stay put. Vincent is a dinosaur - a Velociraptor, to be precise. It seems the dinosaurs faked their extinction 65 million years ago and still roam the earth, disguised in convincing latex costumes that help them blend perfectly into human society. A heightened sense of smell allows the dinos to detect one another - Vincent's got an odor like a tasty Cuban cigar.. "When Vincent is called to investigate a two-bit case of arson at a hip dino nightclub, he discovers something much more sinister, which lures him back to New York City - the scene of his partner's death and a dangerous nexus of dinosaur and human intermingling.. "Will Vincent solve the mystery of his partner's death? Will a gorgeous blond chanteuse discover his true identity, jeopardizing both their lives? Will Vincent be able to conquer his dangerous addiction to basil, or will he wind up in Herbaholics Anonymous? Will he find true love, or resort to crumpled issues of Stegolicious?.

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