23 August 2007


YOWZAH!!! What a huge rush Keith Ablow is! At least Denial was that. I mowed through it as quickly as I could. If given the chance, I'd have sat and read the entire book in one sitting. Mug of coffee or just an IV drip would work so that I only had to get up to go to the bathroom and I could still take the book with. Perhaps that was a bit too much sharing.
I have to admit that it took a little while to get used to the book, but Frank Clevenger is so damaged to be intriguing. He is a forensic psychiatrist and has issues of his own that he is dealing with by snorting coke and participating in various other activities. He does care about his charges, perhaps too much. That was what made him intriguing to me. He should have been a narcissistic asswipe, but he is just damaged and trying to redeem himself somehow. Or maybe I misinterpreted. I am not sure I would like Frank all the time, but I would want him to be my therapist. He is empathetic.
This is another new to me author I will be reading more of and a series that I will really try to read in order. And I highly recommend reading this author and starting with this book.


Joy said...

So glad you enjoyed DENIAL! I liked it, but not quite as much as you. :)

Vickie said...

Joy: I don't dig that many books this much. Some books I just meander through, some I read enthusiastically, some I mow through because I don't want to put it down and try to find ways to squeeze in that much more reading time. Denial was one of those. = )

Kristie said...

I got this book from the library after reading your review. I have some of his other books that I have not yet read, but I got this one first to try since you said to start with this one! I am starting it didn't.