04 August 2007

Saturday and Hope to Get More Reading than the last few days....

Been having a heckuva time getting in my reading time these last few days. My car book is Bubbles A Broad Sarah Strohmeyer and it is a joy. It is my favorite of the few of this series I have read so far. Bubbles is one awesome chickie.
My bedside book, The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner, is another winner. I have read several chapters in this one before I pass out for the night. No, not drunk, just tired. And a little AlkaSeltzer Cold meds to help me not hack and hurk with this damn cold that won't let go. I needs my rest!!!
Purse book, Deal Breaker Harlen Coben, is the one that's been the most neglected. It's been busy and I just can't get to it. And I WANT TO!!! It's got the nice smartass, Myron Bolitar and death and mayhem on the horizon......

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