31 July 2007

Sooooo Close To Being Done

I am just soooooo close to finishing The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts Lilian Jackson Braun, BOT, in the car. I really should finish it on the way home from work tonight. I have either Bubbles Unbound Sarah Strohmeyer or Nail Biter: A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery Sarah Graves. I left 1776 David McCullough at home. It is narrated by the author and I am not always fond of those. Unless it is Jill Conner Browne or Celia Rivenbark. They absolutely need to narrate their own work.

Tomorrow the July books I read or listened to will be listed here. Oh boy, I know you are waiting with worms on your tongue.....(baited breath).


SuziQoregon said...

Hope you finished The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts. I've got that out from the library and it will be our road trip book when The Hubster and I go on vacation next week. We always say that helping or knowing Jim Qwilleran is as dangerous as helping Jack Bauer or having dinner with Jessica Fletcher :-)

Vickie said...

Yep, ain't da truth!!! I have had this thing about wanting to live in Pickax or Brrrrr or one of those towns. I want to know these people.

I did finish the BOT on the way home last night. It was good, as always.