30 August 2007

Ahhhh Refreshing!!! Anonymous Rex ROCKED!

I just this very minute finished reading a pretty great rockin' read, Anonymous Rex Eric Garcia. I had it as a bedside book and I wasn't able to get to it often enough or as often as I wanted. I really wanted to stay in bed and read until I finished, but life and family and sleep and all that jazz kept me from it. It was a super private detective mystery and I want people to read it as such and not pigeonhole it as a dinosaur acting as human private investigator mystery. It is that, definitely, but it is not only that. It is funny, sad, intriguing, sexy....I like Vincent Rubio even if he wouldn't like me much since I am a human (honest, I am).
I can't wait to hunt down the second in this series, Casual Rex and number 3 Hot and Sweaty Rex.

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