21 August 2007

Another Challenge Book Completed

I finished In Deep VooDoo Stephanie Bond this morning. I knew I'd like it, but was really surprised at how much I liked it even more. Other books can be aggravating when the book continues on even after all the loose ends are tied up. This one did not aggravate and really startled me. I will look for more of this if it's a series and definitely will look for more Stephanie Bond. This is a Summer Mystery Challenge book for me as Stephanie Bond is a new to me author.
Next bedside book is probably going to be another challenge book, Anonymous Rex Eric Garcia. I hope I haven't built it up too much in my cranium. I have been looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Vickie - I've added Deep Voodoo to my waiting list at I've got 6 books to ship back and hopefully when those get there this one will be shipped to me to read.

Vickie said...

Alita: I think you will like it. I was surprised at how much more I liked it.