12 August 2007

Hate Giving Up on A Book

I did it, I finally gave up on The Givenchy Code Julie Kenner. I was at the midway point and could not get the ha-cha-cha up to read any more of it. And what is reading without the ha-cha-cha. This didn't even give me the ha. I will still give Julie a chance in a book I picked up the other day while working for books, Cat's Fancy. It's paranormal, so will likely be pretty good. She proved to me that she can write that with Carpe Demon:Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom. I loved that one and I will absolutely read the rest of the series.

As replacement for bedside reading, I picked In Deep VooDoo Stephanie Bond. It's good so far.


Kristie said...

I hate giving up on books too. It makes me sad and sometimes I will chug on because I keep hoping that it will turn out better. But really, with so much more to read I gotta give it up.

Vickie said...

Kristie: That's exactly how I feel! But if you could see Mt Git'r'Read, my TBR shelves and stacks, it's crazy to keep going on something that just isn't doin' it for me. And it's not like I am going to stop buying any time soon.