11 August 2007

Rachel Caine Added to Favorite Author List

WOW! Am I glad I listened to Alita and picked up a Rachel Caine book! Alita had suggested The Weather Warden series, but I found Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires-Vol 1 first. Definite edges of gray in the whole good is white and evil is black. There are those in this book, but I like the 'ishee' ones who are a little of both. Claire is introduced first and she gets the crap beat out of her, but she keeps on. She is 16 and on her own at college her parents picked so that she would keep safely close to home. The college is in Morganville, home to some shady characters, so not so safe. She meets Shane, Michael and Eve when she answers an ad for a roommate needed. The action just keeps building from there. Good character development and leaves just enough out to make the anticipation for the next in the series a tingle in anticipation. I love anticipation.
I finished Glass Houses quickly and am looking forward to a trip to the bookstore for more Rachel Caine.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Rachel Caine's book are good.

If you haven't read anything by E.E. Knight look into his David Valentine/Vampire Earth series. Really good stuff, in my opinion.