28 August 2009


TGIF!! Holey mackanolee, it was a long week of training to be topped off with the test today to see if everything soaked in. Apparently it did with me, I passed with reasonably flying colors...sort of floaty pastel-y. So the PTB can have even more confidence in my abilities and I can move on to the next level of training....
Plans for the weekend...semi-normal with breakfast out, grocery shopping, shopping-shopping since there's an Eddie Bauer coupon burning a hole in my purse.
Might mow the lawn if it cools off in the afternoon or early in the morning if DH gets up from sleeping in either day. I have some wood blinds to clean, that might wait.
I'd love to watch my Dresden Files Season Only on DVD. Or My Name is Bruce, starring my boyfriend Bruce those with a heckuva nifty DVD deal with a coupon from B&N.
Hope you all have a fab weekend. Plans??


Becky LeJeune said...

I'm trying out recipes for the new cookbook (they need tips or something for filler). Reading, of course. And possibly finishing up Dexter season 3. I rented some crappy horror movies that I had high hopes for and am already sending them both back because they were so bad.


Vickie said...

Becky: Sorry the movies didn't pan out. I hate when that happens.