05 August 2009

MYTH DIRECTIONS - Robert Asprin, narr Jeff Woodman

From the back of the audiobook: With over three million copies in print, best-selling fantasy author Robert Asprin continues to delight his fans with the antics of the otherworldly beings featured in his Myth series. Adding a dash of romance to his usual mix of adventure and comedy, he takes his fans on a wild inter-dimensional ride with Skeeve, the incorrigible young magician.
Tanda, the beautiful demon of young Skeeve's dreams, needs a favor. She wants him to travel with her to another dimension to steal a national trophy. It doesn't matter that there's danger involved or that the trophy is the ugliest thing he's ever seen. He'd do anything for the object of his affection. With his heart on his sleeve and his trusty dragon at his side, Skeeve prepares to face the challenge of his life.
Enjoy the magical world where dragons, demons, and kings blissfully co-exist, and shape-shifting and interdimensional travel are a way of life. Jeff Woodman's lively narration ensures listeners a rollicking good time.
I highly enjoyed my commute with this story! This is a short book and a fast paced story. I've not listened to or read this series before, but I am going to add the rest of the series to my wishlist on RecordedBooks and I will be on the lookout at the bookstores, new and used, for more of this series. This one is #3 in the lineup, but I don't think I missed anything by not reading or listening to the first two before. Sadly, Robert Asprin died 22 May 2008. Unless someone steps up to fill his fantasy-building shoes, there won't be any more of the series.

Four dimension hopping beans....

Jeff Woodman, narr

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