04 August 2009

TBR Tuesday..Teetering Stack on the Nightstand

THE UNSCRATCHABLES - Cornelius Kane, mystery
GRAVE PERIL - Jim Butcher, paranormal, book 3 Harry Dresden
THE CLEANER - Brett Battles, suspense (thanks Dad!)
SUCCUBUS ON TOP - Richelle Mead, paranormal, book 2 (thanks for the loan Jenna!)
BOBBIE FAYE's VERY (VERY VERY) BAD DAY - Toni McGee Causey, funny
SKIN DEEP - Mark Del Franco, paranormal
THE KIND ONE - Tom Epperson, mystery
THROUGH VIOLET EYES - Stephen Woodworth, futuristic mystery
FACE DOWN BENEATH THE ELEANOR CROSS - Kathy Lynne Emerson, medieval mystery
THE FIRST APOSTLE - James Becker, mystery
NIGHT PASSAGE - Robert B Parker, Jesse Stone series
CHINA LAKE - Meg Gardiner, mystery
THE WINE OF ANGELS - Phil Rickman, mystery
THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS - Lisa Shearin (keeper signed copy)
DEATH'S DAUGHTER - Amber Benson, paranormal (thanks Jenna!)
STREET MAGIC - Caitlin Kittredge, paranormal
THE DARK RIVER - John Twelve Hawks, paranormal mystery
AFRAID - Jack Kilburn (will read in October for Horror Thrills & Chills Month)(thanks Joy or Becky!)
CRIME SPELLS - anthology, paranormal (thanks JenG!)


Becky LeJeune said...

Oh yeah, I recognize some of these! Wine of Angels and China Lake are both in my TBR stack as well. I'm reading the new Bobbie Faye as we speak, and the third John Twelve Hawks is on my to buy list.

Vickie said...

Becky: Ahhh...great minds and all that....
= D

Amanda McPherson said...
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Amanda said...

Hello! My name is Amanda, and I work for Regal Literary (John Twelve Hawks's agent). I am writing to inform you of a special offer we are running for bloggers who review THE GOLDEN CITY. We will send you a review copy of The Golden City, and if you send us a link to your review, we will enter you into a lottery for one of five autographed copies of this book, as well as the exclusive opportunity to do a phone interview with John Twelve Hawks himself.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to to learn more about this offer.