24 August 2009


On the back of the book: Crusher McNash is the police force's most fearless detective , a barrel-chested bull terrier with a biscuit-thin temper and a barbed-wire tongue.
Cassius Lap is the finest agen in the Feline Bureau of Investigation, an imperturbable Siamese with a midn as sharp as a can opener.
San Bernardo is their territor, a seething metropoliswhere fat-cats prance in the exclusive island enclave of Kathattan while working dogs wallow in the stinking squalor of the Kennels.
When a couple of Rottweiler gangsters are brutally murdered, Crusher McNash tries to convince himself that it's nothing unusual--just another uderworld territorial dispute. But after the sniffer squad identifies a feral-cat killer, McNash is forced to do the unthinkable--team up with a prissy Siamese from the FBI. The trail leads from junkyards to gambling dens, from cat prisons to baronial estates, in the process unraveling an awesome conspiracy involving domination techniques, population control, and the megalomaniacal ambitions of fox media magnate Phineas Reynard.
Both a hard-bitten crime story and a sharp-fanged satire, THE UNSCRATCHABLES is the genre-bending mystery of the year.
I was intrigued by the premise of the book when I read a review somewhere. The cover definitely caught my eye. I liked the story for the most part, but had a hard time getting through the dog-talk, cat-talk, etc. It started distracting me from the story. I did finish it and if this is a series, I'll likely give the next one a try. Now that the relationship of Crusher and Cassius is established, they can get on with the crime solving....and butt sniffing and sandbox kicking and soy milk drinking and biscuit eatin'....
Three genre-bending beans......

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