26 August 2009

I Won a Cobrahead!!!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Look what came in the mail today!!! I love reading May Dreams Gardens blog on a daily basis and I was lucky to catch a contest Carol was having a couple of weeks ago. The prize for one lucky commentor was a CobraHead gardening tool. Carol absolutely adores hers and wanted someone else to enjoy one, too. The day of the winner announcement....she said we ALL won one!! I am so excited to get out there and go weed the garden! Well, as excited as one can be to weed a garden...but this will make it go faster!
Thank you Carol and thank you CobraHead!!


Melody said...

Congrats, Vickie!

Sherri said...

Congrats Vickie-weed away!!

Mary said...

Very cool and useful win! Congrats!

Bonnie said...

Congrats Vickie! How nice of the company to send out the gardening tool to everyone!! Let us know what you think about it. We just use a forked tool that works okay but this sounds much better!!