26 January 2009


I really like this series, even only having read two of them. I started reading Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series first since I love my vampire books. I heard so many good things about the Weather Warden series, I decided to give the first one a try. She had me at the fast cars Joanne Baldwin, Weather Warden, adores driving.

Joanne was accused of murder, hunted down and killed by her Weather Warden peeps. She was reborn as Djinn, the magic creatures who help the Wardens channel power to control Mother Nature. Only thing is, humans aren't really supposed to be made into Djinn and Joanne and David, the Djinn who remade her into one of him, are in some trouble now.

Something is causing havoc in Earth's atmosphere and it looks like Joanne is the only one for the job according to her friend, Lewis, one of the most powerful Wardens out there.

Joanne now has to learn to be a Djinn by feeding from the Earth's energy rather than continue to syphon from David's or they both will die. And she has to help Lewis repair the rift or Earth will die.

Four windswept beans......bookmark...

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