20 January 2009

Lady K-ism of the Day

"Mommie, you said last night that the Simpsons are on only when NCIS isn't on. Welllll, NCIS isn't on, soooooooo the Simpsons must be on!"

....priceless Lady K logic


TexasRed said...

Good reasoning :) Did she get to watch?

Vickie said...

TexasRed: Yes, she did. = )
We did have to explain the fault in her logic and she seemed to accept it. She basically realizes that The Simpsons come on only at a certain time and sometimes it's opposite when Mommie wants to watch NCIS on USA channel.

Literary Feline said...

Haha! That's great.

Sherri said...

Vickie, if the whole world could be that easy!! She is wonderful!