31 January 2009

DEFENDING ANGELS: A Beaufort & Company Mystery - Mary Stanton

I had such a great time reading DEFENDING ANGELS! I read the review on High Crimes (my favorite online bookshop) and immediately placed it in my online shopping cart. It arrived and then sat on my bedside table for a bit while I waded through a few other books until I was absolutely ready for a cozy mystery. A few days ago, I was definitely ready and began. And then was sad that I actually had to sleep at some point and couldn't keep reading. It is that good, I would be almost willing to forgo sleep.....I said almost...I like sleep and I like reading good books, so it was a wicked toss-up.
Brianna Winston-Beaufort, Bree, is a lawyer. She's moved from her father's home and practice and moved 200 miles south to Savannah Georgia to take over her Uncle Franklin's law practice.
Her first case is pretty quick to take. She's hired to prove that the death of a prominent billionaire was not accidental, but was in fact, murder. There is more to the case, and Bree's law practice, than meets the eye.
First, there's the location of where she hangs her shingle. It's in the middle of what's known as the Murderers Cemetary. Her landlady is sweet and making herself a part of the team that Bree is putting together. The rest of her team consists of the brother of the person Bree thought she was hiring and a former window dresser. There's also the PI, Gabriel Striker, who always seems to be just where she needs him when she needs him.
Bree's new practice is to run this Company of Angels and to defend those who have been accused by the Highest Court....and I do mean THE Highest, The Celestial Court.

This is a very wonderfully written book and I really look forward to the rest of the series as Mary Stanton writes them.
Five Celestial beans.......and the angelic bookmark.....

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