27 January 2009


THE GHOST AND THE HAUNTED MANSION was a quick and fun cozy to read. A nice sorbet to mellow my palate after the somewhat heavier paranormals and thrillers I've been reading lately. I keep cozies of all styles on hand for just such occasions. I especially looked forward to this one. I've enjoyed the series for a couple of years and happily anticipated when it would be time to read this one.
Penelope Thornton-McClure is a widow, lives with her son and her aunt in the small town of Quindicott above the mystery bookstore they own and operate. Pen also has a friend who happens to be a ghost. He is Jack Shepherd, PI, and helps Pen out with life and the mysteries that keep getting thrown her way.
This time it's a haunted mansion that her friend, Seymour, the postal carrier has inherited. He will get to live up in the ritzy part of town and someone isn't happy about it and it looks like they would be willing to kill to keep Seymour from moving in.
I love this series since it so resembles one of my favorite movies, The Ghost and Mrs Muir. Looking this up(I just love wikipedia), I also found that the movie was based on the book written in 1945 by R. A. Dick, pseudonym for Josephine Leslie.
Four spoooooky beans.....and appropriate bookmark (this is kind of how I see Jack Shepherd)

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