24 October 2008

WHERE MEMORIES LIE - Deborah Crombie

This book was a great companion on my daily commute. I really like this series, even without reading it in order. In WHERE MEMORIES LIE, the past and the present are tied together with a diamond brooch that was lost to two German Jewish immigrants on their escape to England just before WWII. It is brought to the attention of Inspector Duncan Kincaid and Detective Gemma James with murders somehow tied to the brooch after its appearance in an auction house's catalog for bid in an upcoming auction.
A classic English mystery with murder and deception.
Four classic beans...


Sherri said...

Hi Vickie! I've added this book to my wish list. Sounds like it was a good one!

Vickie said...

Sherri: This is a very good addition to a very good series. I hope you like it.