11 October 2008


What a banner reading day I had yesterday. I went antelope hunting with DH and Lady K and I knew I wouldn't be doing much of (read NONE OF) the actual hunting, so I finished the very enjoyable BLOOD DRIVE - Jeanne C. Stein and (because I have the bookaholic's foresight) I brought, read, and finished THE MEDIATOR: SHADOWLAND.
Meg Cabot has to be one of the most talented writers of books for such diverse ages and genres. She's written The Princess Diaries series, Heather Wells series, Queen of Babble series, and all sorts of stand alones of YA and paranormal and regular mystery genres. And each and every one of her books I have read have been FAB! This said with the understanding that I haven't read all of the series or many of the stand alones, but to have read the five or six I have read and all to be good? That's a fair decent given that the rest should be as well.
Susannah 'Suze' Simon is not your typical teenager. She is a mediator, which means she sees ghosts and helps them (whether they want the help or not) to get where they need to go and not keep roaming the earthly plane.
She's bummin' because her mother has married and Suze has to move from funky New York to Omigod California! What is she going to in California? AGH! All that sunshine and those beaches! Ohhhh...those beaches..well, thinks Suze, beaches are nice. She now has a stepfather and three stepbrothers and lives in a honkin' hewgah house. A house that happens to be 300 years old, which means ghosts will be hangin' around. One, a particularly hottie named Jesse, is in her room.
And there's a ghost , Heather, at her new school who isn't happy about Suze. Suze has her school locker and it looks like Suze is getting her friends and maybe her boyfriend. Suze isn't doing any of this on purpose, she just wants to go to school and do her job as mediator. Heather just isn't willing to move on to wherever she's supposed to go. She wants her old life back and she thinks Suze is keeping her from it. So Heather is bent on getting her way and will do whatever it takes to get it. Suze is bent on not letting her, especially since it seems that Heather doesn't care who she hurts to get her way.
I really cannot wait to read the rest of this series.
Four ghostly beans!


Mary said...

I had no idea she writes paranormal books!

Vickie said...

Mary: And she does it wonderfully, too!