08 October 2008


Thank you, Mark Henry and Jeanne C. Stein (and Sugar), for last week's interview on League of Reluctant Adults and chance to meet you and chat and then to win this book! I like winning and I like good paranormal books...okay I love books, but I especially dig reading well written paranormal mysteries and LEGACY fits the ticket. I think I win a signed copy of the book and a gift card to Amazon so I can pick up the ones of the series I am missing and maybe I'll get Mark's HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED and a Richelle Mead or start my own collection of Kat Richardson.


Mary said...

Congratulations, Vickie. WOW, a book AND a gift card for MORE BOOKS!!!

Vickie said...

Mary: I KNOW!! I was so excited to see my name on Mark's blog that I won. Then remembered what I'd won and got even more excited. = )
I'm already shopping.....