20 October 2008

Lady K-ism of the Day

"Respect means you don't burst someone's bubble they have. I can go inside your bubble, because you're my mom. And I can go inside Daddy's bubble, because he's my dad. But I have to respect other kids' bubbles. And you and Daddy aren't kids. If someone bursts my bubble, I just blow up another bubble and tell the teacher that someone got my other bubble."


Red lady-Bonnie said...

OMG Vickie!! She is so SMART!!! I love reading your Lady K-isms!
She is very intuitive...wish that the boys could get some of that!
She definitely gets the personal space issue!!

Bella Foxx said...

Now I know why you call her "Lady" K. She is very much a lady. Well maybe except for the skirt flipping thing! LOL

Sherri said...

awwwww Vickie, that Lady K is a smartie pie! I love her outlook on life-everyone should think like her!! I hope you write these Lady K-isms down in a book somewhere, they are wonderful!!

Mary said...

Sounds like someone really learned the teacher's lesson on respect! How great you have a record of these gems. You (and Lady K) will love reading them years from now!

Vickie said...

BonnieOH, SuziBell, Sherri, Mary: Thank you for the Lady K compliments. Her teacher sent home the school's 'Be the BEAR' sheet and requested each parent to go over the concepts of respect and achieve. I asked her about respect first and that was her concept. She said no one would burst her bubble without her permission, especially boys. = )

Bears care
Everybody does their best
All students Achieve
Respect yourself and others

I love this!