18 October 2008

LIGHT MY FIRE: Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel - Katie MacAlister

I don't do this very often, read an author back to back books, but I made an exception here due to necessity or lack of option or however you want to think of it. I finished EVEN VAMPIRES GET THE BLUES the other evening and I wasn't sure I wanted to read a cozy from my desk stash, but found LIGHT MY FIRE in my backpack....well what was I supposed to do? I gave in. It really didn't take too much self-convincing, I love Katie Mac's work, especially this series.
Aisling (pronounced Ashling) Grey has found herself in a heap of trouble...again. In this third book of the series, Ash is in London trying to just get into her Guardian training and forget about Drake. He doesn't understand her, wants her to stay home and be his good little dragon wyvern mate. She wants him to understand how she wants to be a good Guardian and demon lord. Her demon, Effrijim (Jim for short) in the shape of a Newfoundland breed dog, is as smartass helpful as he can be (likely my favorite character in the series).
Now Aisling has been asked to be the leader of the Otherworld in Paris, finds herself a pawn in the dragon wars, and is trying to firm up her control of her own dragon fire. This last is necessary so that she doesn't burn the ones she loves each time she gets agitated, which is a lot lately.
I know this sounds super funky weird and, well, IT IS! But really in only the funniest, smartass, fast moving way.
Love this series and look forward to the #4 HOLY SMOKES.

Four dragonfire beans...


Mary said...

Vickie, glad the 'back to back' books worked out. And a very Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Becky LeJeune said...

These sound super fun and I'm looking for new stuff to send to my sisters next year. I might have to read them all first, though!

Vickie said...

Mary: Thank you for the birthday wishes for DH. He had a good day.

Becky: I adore Katie Mac! You know how I love paranormal in all forms and she writes a great paranormal that happen to be funny. Yummy sex scenes, too, in case I forgot to mention that in my review....