05 October 2008


Another fine sci-fi, fantasy read for me. I seem to be on a roll lately. THE GLASS HARMONICA is a gentle version of the genres.

One half takes place in 1760 England. This is the time of Benjamin Franklin spending time in both England and the colonies. He finds a young Irish girl, Eilish Eam, playing her water glasses on the street for money. He takes her in to help him with a new invention of his, the glass armonica. She plays for Franklin and his cronies and then for royalty.

Half of the story takes place in the near future of 2018 Seattle. This half of the story has the main character of Erin Rushton. She is a classical musician, playing the modern version of the glass armonica, for audiences all over the world.

Both girls in both times find themselves 'haunted' by the other's presence from time to time, especially in times of stress. Erin goes in search of her 'wraith' and discovers more about her own sense of self in the search.

Warm and wonderfully written. Four fascinating beans.


Red lady-Bonnie said...

Great review Vickie! I have had this book on my TBR shelf for ages and look forwarding to reading it sometime in the next millenium! Seriously, I am sorting through my shelves as I have so many to read!

Vickie said...

BonnieOH: I think you will like this book.
And I noted, with a proud bookaholic smile, that you said 'so many books', not 'too many...'
= )

Carl V. said...

What a different idea for a story. I am amazed at the creativity of people. Really nice review, so glad you enjoyed the book.

Vickie said...

CarlV: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the book and how intriguing the premise. I have the author on my to look for list....