04 October 2008

HOMINIDS (First in Neanderthal Parallax Series) - Robert J Sawyer

HOMINIDS is a wonderfully written sci-fi book! My dad suggested it to me and gave me this first in the trilogy when I was out for a visit this summer. I hesitated until his visit this past weekend as I am a sort of fan of science fiction, but really only the TV channel these days. I used to read quite a bit of sci-fi, but wandered away into more mysteries and paranormal reading. I do have a few authors I look for from time to time, but Sawyer was not one of them.
Anyway, all that said, I am very glad I got over myself and my hestitation and read this book! It moves swiftly and the only downfall is when the book gets into the weeds with physics and genetics. I don't understand, therefore I skim. But the basic premise of the story is pure wonder. Parallel universes exist, one is ours and the other explained is where Neanderthals are the advanced species. Both sides are working in the same cavern in Canada on different projects, but one makes inadvertant contact with the other side. This sets off a chain of events on both Earths. One is 'first contact' and the other is a murder trial.
I love the relationships between the characters, the smooth writing, and how happy I became when I had time to read the story.
Four beans (more if I could have understood the math schtuff)

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